IFB Washing machine service Center In Hyderabad

We do Servicing and Repair of all IFB Washing machines in Hyderabad, these IFB washing machines which are available from 5.5 Kg to 17 Kgs the popular models in IFB washing machine are IFB Top Loading Washing Machine, IFB Washer Dryers, IFB Semi Automatic Washing machine, IFB Front Loading washing machines.

IFB Washing machine is one of the best washing machine which are used in washing clothes, IFB is from South Korean Brand which is popular in Electronics appliances they manufacture all house hold appliances like Washing machines, Micro wave ovens, etc

Generally washing machines will stop functioning if we don't take care of it well, and if usage is heavy and not using it as per the instructions from the manufacturers. Whenever your IFB washing machine gets break downs or stops working, please call us for service and repair of your washing machine in and around Hyderabad.

We have team of experts and service persons who will visit your house or premises and repair your IFB Washing machine at your Door step, they will replace with spares with IFB genuine parts. And also train you if necessary for best usage of your washing machines. You can trust us for any IFB washing service in Hyderabad.


  • IFB Washing Machine won't spin
  • IFB Washing Machine is making loud noise
  • IFB Washing Machine won't agitate
  • IFB Washing Machine won't drain
  • IFB Washing Machine vibrating or shaking
  • IFB Washing Machine won't spin or agitate
  • IFB Washing Machine overflowing
  • IFB Washing Machine door or lid won't lock
  • IFB Washing Machine stops mid cycle
  • IFB Washing Machine fills slowly
  • IFB Washing Machine leaking water
  • IFB Washing Machine won't start


  • Inspect the hoses of IFB Washing Machine
  • Prevent flood damage
  • Don't overload IFB Washing Machine
  • Keep it level in IFB Washing Machine
  • Use the appropriate amount of detergent
  • Clean the inside once monthly in IFB Washing Machine
  • Clean out the fabric softener dispenser
  • Touch up gashes and scrapes with paint